Product Assembly & Label

Due to the lack of production equipment and technical personnel, many developing and promising companies always need to find a powerful factory with assembly ability. As a fully factory with all sourcing processes from your private label product design, prototype manufacture, mold making, plastic injection,sourcing,assembly, quality control and shipping, Rex is what you need.

Following Advantages Are Rex Provided

Technical Support for All Production

Equipped with 3 assembly lines and many rich practical experienced technicians, Rex will offer the technical support, such as material test and choose, design optimization, salt spray test, assembly test, etc.

Equipment Support for All Production

Equipped with advanced semi-automatic and automatic assembly lines, Rex is capable of helping significantly reduce the lead time, thus gain a competitive edge over its rivals.

Save the Cost

As a fully sourcing factory with the services of packages, assembles and performs secondary operations, it helps shorten the supply chain with the result of minimization of overall cost.

Plastic Injection

Injection Mold

Product Assembly & Label

EVA Molding