Free structure optimization before mold manufacture to save your cost and leadtime.

Free structure optimization before mold manufacture to save your cost and leadtime.

About Us

Xiamen Rex Technology Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System factory that offers one-stop services for the manufacture of various products. Its factory covers 20000 square meters and includes mold, injection, and assembly departments. More than 75 employees provide plastic injection molding services to customers.



Injection molding plays an important role in the medical industry. Injection molding is used to manufacture diagnostic test kits, medical device packaging, surgical preparation equipment, stethoscope parts, X-ray assemblies, and research tools for medical research.


It is well known that injection molds are used to make a wide variety of industrial parts and assemblies. Among the various industries involved in the oil and gas industry, durable plastic parts are commonly used due to their reliability and low cost.


With military applications, injection molding delivers uniformity and weight savings while ensuring that technology can withstand harsh conditions. Plastic injection molding its robust material options, automated processes, and long-lasting products.


The transportation industry relies heavily on injection molding. A variety of products and parts from injection-molding manufacturers are used in the transportation industry, including turbos, semi-truck handlebars, brake pads, and body panels.


Electronics industry devices include meters, sensors, etc. These parts require highly accurate and accommodating parts with high tolerances and dimensional stability. Need injection molding techniques, such as insert molding, micro molding, miniature molding, over molding, etc.


Consumer market OEMs need to consistently deliver on product promises. The right injection molding partner is essential for everything from basic personal care items to intricate applications such as household garbage disposals and faucet assemblies.

Injection Mold

Plastic molds are used to create products with precise dimensions and configurations. When it comes to designing a mold, it is essential to evaluate the feasibility of the idea, the process, and the equipment. A product, for example, should be determined if its specification, both in shape and tolerance, can satisfy the customer's requirements, if existing internal processes can be used, or if new processes must be developed.

Plastic Injection

An injection molding process consists of injecting plastic into a mold, cooling, curing, and pushing the mold top plate forward with an ejector rod to create the desired shape. With its many advantages, the injection of plastics is widely used in a wide range of industries, including construction, packaging, electricity, agriculture, automobiles, transportation, light industry, petrochemicals, machinery, and national defense, among others.

Product Assembly & Label

In private labeling, one company licenses another to sell its products or services under its brand name. The organization can increase profit margins, maintain brand image, and offer value to customers by selling products under a private label agreement or store brand. Many national and global retailers use private store branding agreements for many of their products, proving the practice's success.

Why Choose Us?

Quickly Response

If you request a quotation, we will contact you as soon as possible after we review all of your requirements and needs. we have a customer team to provide you with solutions within 24 hours.

Competitive Price

As a turn-key solution manufacturer, we are able to complete all production in our own factory, which means our prices are much lower than those in europe and North America.

Professional Analysis

Having a professional team with 20 years of experience allows rex to be involved early in the design process, understand your objectives, and predict production issues before they occur.

Quality Assurance

In order to provide you with a quality product and build long-term relationships, rex has strict quality control and quality management system throughout the entire manufacturing process.