Rex has 45 sets plastic injection machines that range from 45 tons to 1,000 tons to meet customer’s requirement in different sizes.

Generally speaking, no. The best size is not much bigger than 1300*1000*1000mm but without much limitation in small parts.

Most material is application specific. We will be happy to discuss material generalities, and we have a materials list to help you narrow down your options. The plastic material used is ultimately the customer’s decision.

We are certified by ISO 9001-2015.

We are capable of small batch orders, which depends on customer’s requirement.

We offer assembly and packaging if needed, our secondary services and assembly dept. is fully staffed.

Yes, we have our own prototype dept.with CNC and 3D printing services. It helps us to offer best design optimize suggestion for customer during design process.

We prefer to get the file with the format of IGS, STEP or X_T.