Why Choose Us

Plastic injection molding is a complex manufacturing process and you should consider many factors when choosing a partner to meet your requirements in industry and production. You can trust Rex to produce highly complex parts according to your unique industry needs, specifications, end-uses, and time/budget constraints.

Quickly Response

We will review all of your requirements and needs, and we will contact you with a quotation as soon as possible after we receive your inquiry.

Professional Analysis

It is usually during the design process that the overall project time and budget are determined. Our professional and skilled team, most of whom have over 10-20 years of experience, allows Rex to become involved early in the design process, gain a clear understanding of your objectives and predict production problems before they arise.

Expanded Services & Technology

It is not all injection manufacturers that offer expanded services or the technology required to make parts that can be manufactured. Rex offers a full range of injection-based services, including prototype creation, design services, quick response manufacturing, mold flow analysis, etc. This will allow your product to reach the market quickly at a competitive cost.

Competitive Price

As a turn-key solution manufacturer, we are able to complete all production in our own factory, which means our prices are much lower than those in Europe and North America.

Quality Assurance

In order to provide you with a quality product and build long-term relationships, Rex has strict quality control and quality management system throughout the entire manufacturing process.

We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you for mutual benefit!